On Target Podcasts

It’s challenging to keep up with everything that’s going on and to reflect all the interesting and dynamic developments in the local and location-based marketing space. For this reason LSA is introducing a new podcast called “On Target,” exploring the intersection of technology, media and local commerce.

This will be an opportunity for LSA to have more informal discussions with interesting people about a wide range of topics of interest to this audience. Each episode features 30-minute interviews, roundtables and perspectives with an emphasis on provocative thinking and practical advice.

If you’re interested in participating, email us.

On Target - Episode 12 - Brendan Morrissey, CEO, Netsertive

On Target - Episode 11 - Gordon Henry, DexYP

On Target - Episode 10 - Megan Hannay, Co-Founder, ZipSprout

On Target - Episode 9 - The Emerging SMB Technology Space

On Target - Episode 8 - Sunir Shah, The Small Business Web

On Target - Episode 7 - David Shim, Founder & CEO, Placed

On Target - Episode 6 - Mark Sullivan, Director of Demand Generation, CallRail

On Target - Episode 5 - Stacey Gray, The Future of Privacy Forum

On Target - Episode 4 - Dr. W. Michael Cox, Formerly of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

On Target - Episode 3 - Mark MacLeod, Founder, SurePath Capital

On Target - Episode 2 - BIA/Kelsey, See Chat

On Target - Episode 1 - Manish Patel, CEO, Brandify